Ralph Willams from Dallas gets his Blue

Ralph Williams from Dallas Texas came with us on a 6 hr fishing trip with his family. He told us in the morning it is on his bucket list to catch a marlin! So we took off in hopes of finding him his fish.

It wasn’t long into the morning before we found our first strike! It was from a blue marlin so we were excited. The fish peeled off some line then shook his head and the hooks fell out.

We kept fishing in the same area because it looked like it was holding life pretty good. Towards the end of our trip we saw a Marlin jump next to the boat! About 5 seconds later it slammed the short corner lure which is the one closest  to the boat!!! Ralph jumped into the chair and began his fight! He did a great job staying tight to the fish which allowed us to get the fish to the boat. The fish was in great condition so we decided to release his fish! Ralph was  incredibly happy to fill out something on his bucket list!

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