Rich Behr from Colorado nabs 25 lb Wahoo

Rich Behr from Colorado had three goals today, Sunday, October 28.   One was to make sure his wife had a nice day on the water.  Second, he wanted something to BBQ at the Four Seasons Resort and third, was to catch a Blue Marlin.  We did 2 of 3 today.  It was the day following the Tsunami and it was beautiful out on the water.  After two hours, the long rigger went off an Rich landed a nice 25 lb. Wahoo (called Ono in Hawaii) and one of the best tasting fish that swims.  With calm water, his wife Linda enjoyed the day also.  This was a half day charter and Rich’s next charter on Wed, we are going strictly for a blue Marlin.  Below is the Wahoo we landed today:


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