Slava Yanson from LA gets a Marlin

Slava Yanson from LA came out with a couple friends for some fishing. They came out with the attitude that they just wanted to have a fun day on the water but it would be their bucket list fish if we could catch a Marlin.

We spent all morning looking for life but we weren’t seeing much and had no bites. Towards the end of our trip we saw a marlin on the surface feeding. As we slid by where we saw the Marlin, one of our rods began screaming off line.  Slava was in the chair for this fish of a lifetime! After a grueling battle he was able to land his fish successfully and we were able to put a tag in it. The fish put on a ton of jumps on leader really showing how crazy they can get!  Congratulations!

Kona fishing Blue Marlin

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