519 lb Blue Marlin on half day.

Sybil and Brian from California decided to go fishing while they visited Hawaii. They looked around for a boat and decided to go with HighNoon for a half day fishing adventure. First thing Sybil said when she stepped on the boat was “I want to catch a marlin”. We told her that was sort of our specialty and that we were going to do everything we could to get her that fish. 20 minutes out of the harbor out stinger rod comes down but doesn’t do much. Not sure what was on we reeled it in to see that it was a small spearfish. Woohoo for a clean release. We set back up and about thirty minutes later the long rigger comes flying out, and we were on again. Brian slides in the chair and starts reeling. Within minutes we have a beautiful Mahi Mahi (dorado) on the boat and in the fish bag. If that wasn’t enough, with less than twenty minutes left, we hooked up to a 519.5lb Blue Marlin. It was a team effort between Sybil and Brian but we eventually got it to the boat. What a great crazy day.




Michigan Couple score with 2 huge Blue Marlin, Incredible video!

Ross and Sally Slager along with another couple, Jeff and Paula Nichols from the Grand Rapids area of western Michigan chartered HighNoon for a 3/4 day fishing charter on August 30, 2013. .It was their last day in Hawaii and certainly the most memorable.  They brought their ” A ” game to a wild Kona fishing charter experience.

We started trolling right out of the harbor over to a spot with some bait fish. We pulled out some light tackle dropped it down snagged a few, and tossed them in the live tubes. We then put out all the lures and trolled over to C buoy. On the way there we hooked up to a 300lb Blue. Ross jumped in the chair and got it to the back of the boat in about ten minutes. After releasing it we made our way over to the buoy, and dropped in a live bait in hopes of hooking a tuna. After dragging our little opelu around for about an hour with no takers. It was time to head back to the barn. In almost the same spot we hooked our first Blue something ate our long corner. Just when we were about to transfer the rod it came off. Then she came back and slammed down on the short bait. This time we had her hooked good. Sally jumped in the chair and started a battle of a life time. It was one of the most exciting fish we have ever had the privilege of landing. After about an hour of some excellent angling, strategic boat maneuvering, and help from the crew, Sally, a grandma of six landed a 630lb monster Blue Marlin. What an amazing day thanks to you all.


Here is a nice full video of all the action from beginning to end:

Here are a few incredible photos of Sally’s dramatic struggle with a huge pacific Blue Marlin.  Photos taken by Jeff Nichols, thanks!






Muff and bachelor crew release Blue Marlin.

Muff and his wedding party from Finland booked HighNoon for a half day charter their first day on the island. It was dark when they flew in last night, so the first sight of the island was a beautiful view from the ocean. The guys we excited to catch something big so we headed out to one of our lucky spots in search for a blue marlin. With fishing conditions not looking so good we headed to our final honey hole to see if anyone was home. Sure enough a 150lb blue marlin came knocking when the stinger bait came crashing down. Quick efforts of the crew to get the fish, we had to the boat in about 5 minutes. Good way to start a Hawaiian vacation and a marriage.



Mahi madness

Chris chartered HighNoon for a full day for some ono kine grindz (dinner fish). With the mahi and Ono bite a little slow we were hesitant on where we would find them. We started out the morning catching some live bait in hopes of finding some mahi at a buoy. First buoy we checked nobody was home, and our hope was dwindling. Our only other option was plan B. when we got to the second buoy it was lit up with mahi. We managed to put a few in the boat. Long day on the water searching but it payed off. Great job guys.




Family lands Mahi Mahi

Spencer and family booked HighNoon for a half day charter. The marlin bite had been a little slow so we started off fishing for Wahoo (Ono). We then got a call from a friend about a floater. We brought in the lures and ran over to where it was. With some light tackle we caught some bait fish and we successfully hooked a Dorado (Mahi Mahi).