Fishing Report for August 16 2019

High Noon Fishing Report 8-16-19

High Noon went 1-2 on spear fish and caught a massive Otaru tuna for our guest visiting from Pennsylvania,  Jim and Tina Little.

Reports from the fleet show the blue marlin are still around.

For your shot at the short nosed spear fish found only in Hawaii or our Pacific blue marlins be sure to contact us for booking information.

Pelagic High Noon

Pelagic High noon

Spear Fish High Noon

519 lb Blue Marlin on half day.

Sybil and Brian from California decided to go fishing while they visited Hawaii. They looked around for a boat and decided to go with HighNoon for a half day fishing adventure. First thing Sybil said when she stepped on the boat was “I want to catch a marlin”. We told her that was sort of our specialty and that we were going to do everything we could to get her that fish. 20 minutes out of the harbor out stinger rod comes down but doesn’t do much. Not sure what was on we reeled it in to see that it was a small spearfish. Woohoo for a clean release. We set back up and about thirty minutes later the long rigger comes flying out, and we were on again. Brian slides in the chair and starts reeling. Within minutes we have a beautiful Mahi Mahi (dorado) on the boat and in the fish bag. If that wasn’t enough, with less than twenty minutes left, we hooked up to a 519.5lb Blue Marlin. It was a team effort between Sybil and Brian but we eventually got it to the boat. What a great crazy day.




Hugh Murray catches Spearfish

Hugh from Melbourne Australia visiting Kona on the cruise ship with his brother and dad. About three hours into the charter we got a bite on the stinger. So we turned around made another pass and we hooked a nice spearfish on the long rigger. After we got the fish to the boat we took some pictures. They we so happy about the catch Hugh’s dad decided to mount it. Great day on the water.




Nice Wahoo and Spearfish on High Noon

High Noon was double booked with two half day charters.   Mike wanted to catch his daughter a fish so we decided to stay close to shore and target Wahoo. The group started to lose hope when all off a sudden the long rigger comes crashing down and we were on. Before Mike’s daughter could get into the chair, Kaitlin stole her Moms’ seat and started the battle. She ended up landing a nice 25lb Wahoo. Photo below:


Second trip started out with honeymoon couple Andrew and Teresa. All Andrew wanted to do was catch a Bill Fish.   So we headed off shore for the elusive billfish. We worked one of our favorite spots for a while and just as we were about to head back to the harbor we hooked a spearfish on the stinger. Andrew did great job bringing it home for picture and let it go to swim another day.