Teskey family from Chicago have a fun morning

Nate, Judy, Nancy, and Mitch Teskey from Chicago came with us on a six hour adventure. We headed up north to try some live baiting.On our way up north we caught two Wahoo called Ono in Hawaii.   14-year-old Mitch was first up to bat and catching a Wahoo was his main goal and he was able to land a 20 pound Ono. It put up a big fight but he was able to land his fish. He is in avid fisherman so he was ecstatic. Next up was Nancy and she was able to land a solid 25 pound Ono while live baiting

Live baiting was very tough but we were able to land Nate A solid 30 pound tuna. It put up a huge fight but we managed to finally get it. The rest of the day was a little slow but enjoyed each other’s company. Great day!




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